Get Professional Deck and Patio Cleaning

Get Professional Deck and Patio Cleaning

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You invested in a deck or patio at your home because you enjoy spending time outdoors. Whether you’re entertaining guests or just relaxing after a hard day at work, your deck or patio serves as your private backyard retreat. If you haven’t had it cleaned recently, it might look a little worse for wear. Pristine Fleet Wash cleans decks and patios in the New York area.

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Dirt and debris build up on your patio over the years, and it can be difficult to keep it clean. Here are a few of the things our crew can easily remove from your deck or patio:

  • Moss
  • Grime
  • Mud
  • Leaves
We’ll use professional-grade equipment to pressure wash any surface, including decks and patios. After we’re done, your deck or patio will look like it was just installed. Get ready to invite friends and family over for an outdoor gathering—your newly cleaned deck or patio will impress everyone in attendance.

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